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Restricted DPF/CAT

They say “prevention is better than the cure.” With regards to a restricted CAT or DPF, here at the Turbo Centre UK LTD we offer both!

We are seeing more and more DPF/CAT (Diesel particulate filter/ Catalytic converter) related turbocharger problems. When filters become clogged up the Turbo loses power and becomes less effective.


In response to this we now stock a product called Cataclean®DPF which is a proven fuel additive designed to help prevent DPF/CAT’s from becoming restricted.

We used this product on a number of our own vehicles and we were very impressed with the results.

Cataclean®DPF will…

  • Reduce diesel particulate build up
  • Clean the catalistic converter + reduce emissions
  • Improve engine performance + full efficiency
  • Reduce harmful carbon build up on oxygen sensor

Recommended ration of 1 bottle of Cataclean®DPF to approximately 15 litres of fuel. Drive normally for 10-15 miles then refuel. We would recommend using the product 3-4 times a year.


Single bottles can be purchased but when purchasing 3 or more bottles we will apply a quantity based discount.


Claim your bottle of Cataclean®DPF at special price with every new, exchange, reworked or hybrid turbocharger purchased.


If your CAT/DPF becomes so restricted that a Cetacean type product, or a forced re-gen at your local garage doesn’t work, we now have a solution!

At the Turbocentre uk ltd we are delighted to offer a flash DPF cleaning service which is Quick, effective and not only kind to the DPF internals but will not damage the sensors so no need to spend hours removing them.


• Nationwide collection & delivery.

• All types of car and commercial DPF’s cleaned.

• Flash cleaning technology achieves 98% flow of original new condition.

• Total removal of PM10 and oil residuals.

• Sensors can be left in DPF during cleaning process.

• Condition of DPF will be assessed before starting the cleaning process.

• Customers receive a certified result of every clean.

• Extremely cost effective against OE replacement.

• Treatment time 1-2 hours


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